FSP Licence Application

New FSP Licence Application and Fees
We facilitate the licence application process for prospective Financial Services Providers. We offer advice and guidance with regards to the applicant's eligibility and suitability. We will provide the applicant with the relevant documents and supporting templates to ensure that the application is comprehensively compiled. We will capture, upload and submit the application to the FSCA.

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority can reject incomplete and incorrect applications without refunding the application fee. The turnaround time for an application to be processed at the FSCA can take between 8 to 12 weeks bearing in mind that the Licence Committee holds one meeting a month to approve licences. 

Our licence application process is conducted through electronic and/or telephonic mediums therefore we are able to facilitate applications for applicants throughout South Africa.

We charge an additional fee in the event that a face to face consultation is required.

Applicants are not obligated to contract with our office for full time compliance services after the licence is approved at the FSCA.

We cannot influence the decision of the Licence Committee, however we are able to present a comprehensive application which will make it easier for the application to be assessed.

Call our office for a free basic assessment to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements to apply for an FSP licence.


We charge a once off upfront fee of R4000-00 for our services. Our fees are separate from the FSCA fees.